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Who we are?

Meshivat Nefesh is a nonprofit organization that runs educational frameworks for children of Chozrim B’Tshuva [newly religious families] in Hod Hasharon.

Our objective

To run a unique educational model for children of Chozrim B’Tshuva, helping them cope with many challenges, to enable them to maximize their skills and utilize them to the fullest, while taking all their needs and basic sense of belonging to both the Torah world and their former secular world into account

Our model

A high-quality educational institution where each and every child will have a healthy and secure sense of belonging – from their basic needs to their spiritual requirements for growth, without ever feeing “second best” or “different” in the existing Haredi schools. The challenges that children of Chozrim B’Tshuva face are different to other challenges and our model is adapted and responds to these important needs

Why are we in Hod Hasharon?

We regard ourselves as the bridge, connecting diverse sectors of the Jewish People, secular and religious. We believe that we have a special mission to do. As newly religious members of the Haredi society, we have an interest in living in our natural environment, where we can raise our children without alienation to our families. Here we feel at home!



On Alef Elul, 5769 Rabbi Hoshea Einhorn opened the Meshivat Nefesh Talmud Torah, a small class of sweet three-year-old boys who were having their first haircut (halakeh).

With great dedication, Rabbi Einhorn opened one class after another, nursery schools, girls’ schools, a preparation class for the Yeshiva Ketana and a girls’ college. The Talmud Torah and school are growing constantly, with a greater number of children each year. We have wonderful donors to whom we accredit our development and success.

Meshivat Nefesh is the only school of its type in the Sharon area. We are the address for newly religious families who are looking for an educational framework that is based on warmth, happiness and vitality, within the four walls of holiness.


Meshivat Nefesh offers transportation to all students living in the region.


Rabbi Einhorn is striving to move forward and help the school so that it can respond to every need from its students and families.


Our Vision 

Our vision is to set up pure and stable educational institutions that accept Haredi and newly religious families who are looking for uncompromising Haredi education with warm and open arms.


Rabbi Hoshea Einhorn

CEO, Meshivat Nefesh

We invite you to be a partner in this major and special enterprise.

Together we are caring for the children of newly religious families!

Come join the Meshivat Nefesh family.


Our Institutions


Talmud Torah

Meshivat Nefesh’s Talmud Torah is the one and only of its kind in the area – protected, high quality and Hassidic. Here we learn from experience – excitement, vitality and happiness from learning Mishna, Talmud and Torah. A high-quality staff of teachers come every day to instill the love of learning, values and God-fearingness in our children. Classes start in nursery school and continue until the end of primary years. Every age group has a specific curriculum that is adapted to its needs and is supervised to ensure that each and every student maximizes his abilities.

A special extracurricular program offers enrichment activities for the students, increases the love of Torah and encourages them to continue on this path into their adult lives.

הרב אברהם יצחק קלצקי שליט"א
העלון השבועי של המכינה
מכינה לישיבה קטנה | משיבת נפש

Mechina for Yeshiva Ketana


The first class of boys who started the Talmud Torah ten years ago, reached Bar Mitzvah age, and we opened a Mechina. Our goal is to prepare them for the most outstanding Yeshivas and provide them with appropriate classes, a daily schedule, personal responsibility, etc., which will help them study in top Yeshivot in the future.


The Mechina prepares the boys in high-level Talmud studies, and teaches them manners and respect for others, punctuality, personal responsibility and more, with great emphasis on instilling love of Mitzvot and an emotional connection to Tefilla and Avodat Hashem, all in a warm and family-oriented environment.

הרב נתן מימון שליט"א
סמינר חסידי לבנות | משיבת נפש

Girls' Seminary

In continuation to the girls’ elementary school we have opened a girls’ seminary - college. These are excellent girls with promising futures and we chose to keep them in their close environment to help them build their personalities and give them important tools for dealing with the challenging adolescent years, each as her needs.


As children of newly religious families, we offer the girls the opportunity of learning on a high level with rich social activities, to succeed out of a strong sense of belonging and prepare for building a Jewish family and raising a new generation.


The level of study at the college is very high and all girls complete a full matriculation.

We are extremely proud of their achievements and their aspirations to stay on the true path of Torah!


Girls’ School


The girls’ school is a warm, close-knit family environment, offering high quality education and values in a Hassidic atmosphere. The teachers are all qualified, have vast educational experience and provide the girls with high-quality studies and rich social activities, where the values of the school and the home are in line with each other.


The family values and love the girls receive in the school radiate way beyond their immediate boundaries. The girls are polite, anxious to study and have great enjoyment in giving – to themselves and to their surroundings.


Girls’ Nursery School


The girls’ nursery school is for girls aged 3-6 and led by a qualified teacher who has high moral values and is assisted by a staff of God-fearing women with many years’ experience in education.


The nursery school offers a warm environment where the staff get to know each and every girl.

The curriculum is adapted and structured to each girl’s needs, preparing her for entering the school level in first grade.

The girls are delighted to come to school and enjoy a variety of enrichment programs, laden with high-level content, an active playground, interesting play areas and exciting activities.


Rabbis’ Recommendations


Investments are great, giving is indefinite

Join us and be a partner in our enterprise!


By contributing to Meshivat Nefesh, you are taking an active part in providing for the children of newly religious families.

You are giving them a home, belonging, warmth and security.

Thanks to you Meshivat Nefesh’s children will enjoy better physical conditions, and grow to be healthier and happier adults.

Thank You!!



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